Auto Body Shop

Downtown Auto Body’s repair shop is a thirty-five hundred square foot state of the art facility centrally located in Rohnert Park, CA. Our technicians are some of the most highly trained professionals in their field.

At Downtown Auto Body, we utilize only the most modern technology available to repair your vehicle, including our Kansas Jack World Rack 400L; a top of the line frame straightening system. The use of such a precisions piece of equipment allows us to properly repair frame problems.

We also have the Hein Werner Shark sonar measuring system in our autobody shop which is also used to measure and diagnose the frame of your vehicle. Damage cannot always be readily seen but this essential diagnostic tool gives us the ability to locate problems that missed by a simple visual inspection. It is equipment like this measuring system that ensures your vehicle is as structurally sound as it was when it was brand new.

At Downtown Autobody, we also have full welding capabilities.  Our technicians use MIG, TIG and aluminum welding equipment to repair any problem correctly so your vehicle will be safe on the road.

Our experienced technicians use the 3M Plastic Repair System, which is largely regarded as the best product for repairing plastic areas on your vehicle, such as your bumper.

Repairing fiberglass body damage is something of a specialty skill that we are proud to offer our customers. For years now, Downtown Autobody has been highly skilled at making your fiberglass body look like new!

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