Looking for Laser Headlights? We’ve Got You Covered!

Laser headlights are the latest innovation in car safety illumination. Want to learn more about laser headlights? Like should you get laser headlights on your car? If so, how do you get them? Keep reading and we’ll answer all your questions.

 What are Laser Headlights?

When a car has laser headlights, that means the lighting units on the front of the automobile are made from small laser diodes. Laser lights hit these diodes and then diffuse to light the road.

These lighting instruments can produce a beam of light up to 600 meters. That’s double the range of the current industry standard LED lights.

Along with a longer throw, laser headlights are smaller and use less energy than LED lights. Laser headlights produce a brighter, more effective light without draining a car battery.

 Why Do I Want Laser Headlights?

A longer range of light means better visibility. With laser headlights, you’ll have clearer vision at night. See for greater distances and quickly react to the road.

In the case of the Audi matrix laser headlight system, laser headlights can help your car drive smarter. When cars or pedestrians are approaching, the Audi’s headlights automatically dim their intensity. After the path is clear, the lights return to an exceptional level of brightness.

Each headlight in the Audi matrix has a single laser that spreads across many laser diodes. A mirror within the unit automatically adjusts the matrix width and intensity in response to surrounding road conditions, and the laser light is reflected and refracted into millions of light pixels.

 How Can I Get Laser Headlights on My Car?

If you want to install laser headlights on your car, you can try doing it yourself. It takes a little bit of electrical know-how. Each car and laser headlight kit has a different installation process. Before you attempt to install laser headlights on your car by yourself, be sure to do your research.

You can save time and ensure quality results if you get your laser headlights installed by a professional. Any auto body shop that does aftermarket and electrical modifications should be able to handle to job.

If you’re in the greater Santa Rosa, California, area and you need laser headlights installed, call Downtown Autobody. Contact us or drop by our shop in Rohnert Park, CA.

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What To Do About A Car Accident

Car crashes happen unexpectedly and certainly unplanned- that’s why we call them accidents. If you’ve been in a car accident and your vehicle has been damaged, there are things you can do for your protection and peace of mind.

We’ve written this article for you so you’ll know:

  • what happens after a car accident.
  • what you can do about the damages.
  • how you can stay safer and avoid future accidents.

  What Happens After a Car Accident?

If you’ve just been in a car accident, first make sure that you are safe and free from harm. Seek immediate medical attention if necessary.

Hopefully no one is injured. Either way, the best thing to do is call the police. This will create a record of the incident and provide evidence for use later.

After you check on everyone involved in the accident, stay on the scene and wait for police to arrive. Exchange insurance and vehicle information with anyone else involved in the accident. If there any witnesses to the accident, it may help to talk with them. Also, be sure to take pictures of your car and any other vehicles involved.

 What Can I Do About Damages From My Car Crash?

You’ll need to get in touch with your insurance company. They will ask you questions about the circumstances surrounding the accident. This is where you’ll want to present any evidence you have from the scene of the accident and/or any records that relate to the event.

If there are other parties involved in your accident, the insurance companies will determine who is liable and responsible for paying damages. All of these specifics are dependent on the individual car accident, your insurance policy and a host of other factors.

 How Can I Make My Vehicle Safer and Avoid Accidents?

Analyze what caused the accident to happen. Without admitting any fault, for legal reasons, consider what you might have done differently during the situation.

When driving, always be sure to stay alert and adhere to all traffic laws. Never drive angry or when you’re in a hurry. Avoid distractions while driving, such as cell phone use.

Before you drive your vehicle again, make sure it’s been repaired by a professional mechanic or auto body technician. Don’t take a car out on the road before it’s ready.

 We’re Here to Help

We know that life after a car accident can be tough. That’s why we want to help you get back on your feet.

At Downtown Autobody, we can repair your vehicle – both the auto body and the paint.

We also offer loaner vehicles so you can get back in your routine while we fix your car.

If you’ve been in an accident, and you need help with your car, contact us today.

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4 Easy Tips for Storing Your RV

As summer activities and travel plans come to a close, many RV owners gear up to store their recreational vehicle for the winter months. While it makes sense to leave your RV somewhere safe during the off-season, prolonged lack of use could lead to a myriad of issues. Before saying your farewells for the winter, follow these tips to prepare your RV for storage:

1. Give your RV a thorough cleaning

It may seem counterintuitive to clean your RV before putting it away for several months, but a good deep clean can help preserve your vehicle during its time on break.

For the interior, clear and clean out all cabinets and your refrigerator, and be sure to wipe everything down with cleaning agents and anti-bacterial wipes. For the exterior, clean the entire rig, including the roof, to rid it of any dust or black streaks. Then, give your RV a good wax, which will protect the exterior from sun damage and reduce dirt build up.

Be sure to check all of your seals and fix or replace any areas that appear cracked or damaged. The biggest risk of RV storage is water damage, so a few minutes of caulking could save you from expensive repairs down the road.

2. Keep your RV ventilated

Moisture build up is a major concern for RV owners while their vehicle is in storage. Too much moisture can cause mold and musty smells. The best way to prevent moisture build up is by ensuring that your RV is properly ventilated while in storage.

Leave all of your cabinets, closets and the refrigerator door propped open, so they can air out if any moisture gets in. Invest in a cover for your rooftop vents so you can leave them open without the risk rainwater entering your RV.

3. Protect the tires

Tires are made for the road, so prolonged storage could lead to damage if they aren’t properly prepped. You want to be conscience of your RV storage conditions and the weight of your vehicle on the tires. While it’s ideal to store your RV somewhere dry, cool and out of direct sunlight, that’s not always possible. For ways to protect your RV tires, check out the Goodyear Recreational Vehicle Tire and Care Guide.

4. Check on your RV

Out of sight, out of mind is a common occurrence with stored vehicles, but try to avoid it if you can. Regular check-ins with your RV can help you find issues early on. Think about it – a leak that’s been there a week will cause much less damage that leak that sat unattended for several months.

When you check on your RV, be on the lookout for any rodent droppings, as pests can cause expensive damage to your vehicle. If you have time, do a quick wipe down of the interior and exterior to keep your RV clean for its next use.

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How Good is Your Car Detailer? (Check These Three Things)

If you’re getting your car detailed, you want to get the best bang for your buck. What should you look for when hiring someone to detail your car?

Here’s three things that will tell you if your car detailer is good or not. Consider each one of them when you shop around for a car detailer near you.

Is Your Car Detailer Good? Check Out These Three Tips!

  1. It’s All in the Name – Details!

The meticulous cleaning of your vehicle from top-to-bottom is what makes detailing different from a carwash or a quick vacuum. A good car detailing can restore value to a vehicle – look for attention to detail and personalized service.

A good detailer knows that you want your vehicle to look its best, so they will work to restore your car to pristine condition. Along with cleaning your vehicle’s interior, a good car detailer will wash and wax the exterior of your car and eliminate small dings and scratches.

Feel free to ask your detailing technician exactly what functions they will perform inside and outside your car. Establish the services they will perform and communicate your expectations.

  1. Look For the Full Service Package

Each detailing package will be different. While you can expect certain standards – like thoroughly vacuuming the inside of your car and polishing the glass – some car detailers may offer additional options.

A good car detailer gives you choices. Maybe you need a wash, wax and exterior car detailing – but the inside of your car is just fine. Or maybe an interior deep cleaning is what you need to make you car feel like new.

As CNN reports, “good detailing is 90% application and 10% product.” Talk to your car detailer and get the service you’re paying for. Get the exact car detailing package you want.

  1. Ask How Long, How Much, and How Many

Making sure you get a good car detailing is all about asking questions and communicating what you expect from your car detailer. Here’s three things you can ask them to make sure you get what you desire:

– How long will the car detailing take?

– How much will it cost?

– How many technicians will be working on my car?

Think about these three factors when determining the value you’re receiving ss what you’re paying for your car detailing.

We hope this article will help you find a good car detailer! If you’re nearby, contact Downtown Autobody to learn about your car detailing options.

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These Car Waxes Make Waxing Eco Friendly

Whether you take your car to a professional and have it detailed, or do it yourself, more and more people are turning to eco-friendly car products. There is more concern for the environment, and these product manufacturers have met that need with their amazing lines of car wash and car wax products.

Most Car Waxes XS Eco Friendly Car Waxes

Most car detailing products contain harsh chemicals and even toxins like harsh solvents, harsh detergents, alcohols and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Traditional products cause unwanted and unnecessary pollution of the environment.

The eco-product lines are non-toxic and completely biodegradable. They work great too, and are just as powerful. Most products contain natural carnauba wax or beeswax as the main core element waxing agents. Both natural waxes give great shine as well as great protection from the elements.

More About Eco Friendly Car Waxes

Some formulations are waterless, which is great! Did you know that you can use as much as 80 gallons of water when you wash your car? All that water has to run off somewhere, so the eco products mean fewer toxins entering sewers and eventually making their way into our waterways, rivers and oceans.

Eco friendly waxes have the same benefits as regular waxes; they add a layer of protection and shield from UV rays, rain and snow. And best of all, they look great.

Most eco friendly waxes are much easier to apply, too. The hours of wax application and buffing are gone. Manufacturers have made great strides in polymer chemistry, and they’ve made the waxes just as sturdy, but faster and easier to apply thanks to these scientific advances.

You’ll see the same look that you would get with a traditional wax: deep shine, water beading, and a streak-free finish. Many of these products come in a spray form that can be used in final detailing for the entire car. Eco friendly waxes can be used on all car finishes: paint, plastic, wheels, chrome and glass. You’ll need some microfiber towels for the application.

These products are safe and non-hazardous, giving you comfort to use around kids, pets and the environment. Most products will come with a Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) that shows ingredients and shows that these products are safe to use and store in your garage.

Try the eco-line of these car waxes and other products today. They work on cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, bicycles and more.

It is possible to clean your car and save the planet at the same time. Do something great for the environment; try one of these products today. Call us if you need a recommendation on what to buy.

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Preventing and Addressing Swirl Marks in Auto Paint

If you’re protective of your car’s paint job, you probably find swirl marks irritating to no end. These microscopic marks are formed by small actions like wiping dust off of your car with a dry towel or improperly washing and drying it, because particles like dirt and fibers can get stuck in your car cleaning materials and can scratch off the upper clear layer of your car’s paint job. That’s why dark cars generally have more visible paint swirls — and while they may not look like much at first, they can collect together over time to diminish your car’s polished exterior.

Preventing Swirl Marks

If you’re worried about this being an issue for your car, how can you prevent getting swirl marks, and if you do end up with them, what can you do to fix the problem?

To start, know which cleaning methods to avoid. Swirl marks are most commonly caused by using polishers or buffers with a wrong pad, as well as harsh polishing compounds and cleaners that leave tiny marks in the surface of your auto paint. Make sure that you always get your car polished by an operator who knows what they’re doing and uses the right cleaners for your particular paint type.

You should also avoid using a towel with polyester threads, dirty chamois or dry towels to clean your car, as these materials can pick up microscopic particles that will leave scratches on your car. Stay away from dirty car dusters and car covers, and always make sure that you rinse your car wash mitt or sponge before washing or drying. When washing your car, always remember to avoid automated car washes with large brushes or wipers.

Addressing Swirl Marks That Are Already There

But say you were unaware of these tips and unfortunately have swirl marks in your car’s paint. What now? Thankfully, there are several ways to address this issue after the fact.

The first is to try polishing your car, which can sometimes remove swirl marks that are very shallow. If this doesn’t work, use a scratch remover that takes away the clear layer on top of your paint, removing the swirl marks in the process. However, you’ll need to touch up the area with new paint afterwards, as well as another clear coat and some buffing.

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Dude, Where Is My Car Wax?

More and more in today’s society we seem to produce things that are inexpensive, expendable, throw-away items. This isn’t surprising given the concentration on planned obsolescence among manufacturers. One side effect has been that people have lost the impulse of caring for their possessions effectively. This can result in spending more money to replace something that could have just been adequately cared for and used for years.  Certainly one of those areas where maintenance can make a huge difference in durability is your car – one of the larger purchases you make in life.

 Caring For Your Car

No car is going to last forever as wear and tear will eventually increase your costs. However the life of your car can be significantly extended with proper care. One of the biggest reasons people trade in old cars for new ones, beyond style changes, is the appearance of the car. As a car is used over the years, it picks up damage to the body from road debris, dings in parking lots, and weather. This damage can result in breakdowns in the protection the paint and coatings provide to the body and frame of the vehicle.

 Wax Beautifies And Protects

One simple way to preserve your car, and spend less money, is the simple application of wax to the paint on a regular basis. Not only will wax give you a “new car” shine, which is what we all associate with wax, but it will protect your car from airborne hazards like insects and acidic rain. The wax can avoid those tiny paint chips that happen from road debris (rocks, etc.) from highway driving at 60 to 70 miles per hour. Was coats the sealant and paint and makes the surface slick so that things slide off the paint instead of damaging it.

 Healing Wax

Wax will also fill in scratches in your paint. It won’t remove scratches, but by filling them in, they aren’t as noticeable and the wax prevents further damage to the paint. By preserving the clear coat sealant and paint with wax, those dings and scratches won’t compromise the body of the car and cause rust spots.


To protect your car, keep it looking good, and get years of additional use – make sure to wax it on a regular basis after a thorough wash. Oh, and in addition, wax makes the car easier to clean when you wash it! So, here is to preserving that relationship with the car you fell in love with on the lot and keeping it looking good so you can be proud!

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5 Places To Visit Around Sonoma County This Fall

Now that fall is approaching Sonoma County again, many people are gearing up for the meandering scenic drives. The beauty of watching the leaves change from shades of green to rich amber, gold, and vibrant red is a delight for families and couples. If you live around Sonoma County, then check out any of these five places during your road trip this fall.

Up & Away Ballooning

See an aerial view of the gorgeous countryside as you ascend in a huge hot air balloon. Find your adventuresome side, and be one with the sky. The Up & Away Ballooning company offers a unique way to enjoy fall’s beauty. The ballooning is located at Sonoma County Airport in Windsor.

Point Reyes Lighthouse

Take a relaxing ride out to the historic Point Reyes Lighthouse. Located in the Point Reyes National Seashore in Marin County, the site has much to offer in natural beauty and wildlife. When you arrive and park, there is a hiking trail to reach the lighthouse. Stop in at the Lighthouse Visitor Center and view exhibits of sea creatures and the history of Point Reyes Lighthouse. Catch a glimpse of a whale or any of the various bird species when you reach the observation deck. Finally, make your way down the long set of steps where you will find the preserved lighthouse with original clockworks.

 Chanslor Ranch

If you are in the mood to saddle up, then head over to the Chanslor Ranch located in Bodega Bay. This gorgeous property sets on 378 acres of land and is surrounded by thousands of acres of parks and protected land. Plenty of activities are available to keep you and your loved ones stimulated. Go horseback riding or let the kids ride a pony. Hiking, camping, and kayaking will fill your day with adventure.

 Quarryhill Botanical Garden

Lose yourself in the fragrant beauty of this rare botanical garden located in Glen Ellen. This lovely garden hosts some of the wild plants and flowers found in East Asia. The twenty-five acre garden protects rare flora of Asia. Stroll along the lush landscape and take in fall’s beauty.

 Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park

Take a drive back in time when visiting the Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park. This grist mill was constructed in 1846 and is completely powered by water. Watch the old mill crank out fine meal on the weekends when they host demonstrations. While you’re there, take a hike from the mill over to the Bothe-Napa Valley State Park which is about a two-mile round trip.

With the moderate temperatures and gorgeous land, it’s the perfect time to take a drive around town. Discover the beauty of Sonoma County and enjoy relaxing with the wonders of nature.

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The Mechanics Of Car Insurance And Body Work

If you have been in an auto accident that damaged your car, it is normal to worry about repairing bodywork. Even if the damage is only cosmetic, you still want to get it fixed and back to its original glory. There is no shame in wanting to keep your car looking like new, free of scratches and dents. It’s also best for performance and structural integrity.

Your car insurance will work with you to get the damage fixed as soon as possible. They will contact the responsible insurance, if applicable. If there is not another at-fault person or that person lacks insurance, your car insurance will work directly with you to ensure the bodywork is repaired.

Other At-fault Driver

If there is another at-fault driver responsible for the car accident, their insurance should cover your damages. Your insurance company can contact the other party’s insurance on your behalf. If the person does not have insurance, there are scenarios that would still hold them accountable for the damage. If for whatever reason they cannot pay for your damages, your insurance will work with you to get the bodywork of your car fixed.

Working with Insurance

If you are forced to file a claim with your own insurance due to lack of insurance of others, the company will work with you. They will need to collect all of the relevant information. They may need to collect specific evidence, but they should work on your behalf to get your car fixed.

If you were responsible for the car accident and you have the proper coverage, your insurance will work with you to get your vehicle fixed. Usually, you will pay the deductible and your insurance company will cover the rest.

Your insurance will send an inspector to look at the car. It is helpful to have pictures of the car for your own records, but the inspector will take his or her own pictures for the insurance company’s records. It is important to know that this person inspecting your car for damage works for the insurance company. They will ensure that the damage is related to the insurance claim.

Accidents are traumatic. After you ensure that everyone is safe, it is natural to worry about your car. We cannot stand to see damage done to our vehicles, but wen you have applicable insurance, they will cover bodywork. You will need to file a claim, but once the insurance company has all of the information they need, you will be on your way to having your vehicle’s bodywork complete.

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What Is A Loaner Car? Are They A Real Thing?

You may have heard about loaner cars (there are plenty of options in Rohnert Park, CA) and vehicles when you are getting work completed on your vehicle, but it may seem too good to be true. Do mechanics and body shops really offer loaner cars, and are they a good deal? We’ll answer that for you.

What Is A Loaner Car?

A loaner car is a car that many dealerships, mechanics, and body shops offer as a convenience when you bring in your car to get serviced or have maintenance performed on your vehicle. If it is going to be multiple hours or days before your car is fixed, the mechanic can offer you a loaner car at no cost, as long as you present proof of insurance. That way, you can make sure that you still have transportation while your car is getting serviced.

Some small businesses may offer to drive you home or to your business and pick you up when your car is ready. Many other big and small businesses keep one to a wide selection of loaner cars available. If they have multiples, they will typically give you a car that is most similar to yours. Dealerships may put you in a car that is newer and has more features than the one you currently own to entice you to purchase a new vehicle.

Are Loaner Cars A Good Deal?

Since they can quite likely be free, they are an excellent deal. For instance, we at Downtown Auto Body offer loaner cars at no cost, whether your insurance covers it or not.  Many people do include rental car coverage in their insurance, so you have a double guarantee of a no cost loaner car.

Are Loaner Cars For Everyone?

If you don’t have up-to-date car insurance, we can’t give you a loaner car. Also, many businesses who offer loaner cars can’t give them to drivers under the age of 25. Some can, including Downtown Auto Body.

Loaner cars are definitely a viable option to help you get the work you need done without having to take time off work or wait hours in a mechanic shop. If you want to know what kind of vehicle options a shop has or if they can serve your individual needs, don’t hesitate to call shops in your area to find out who offers what you need.

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