Do you have a commercial truck that needs bodywork, repair or a paint job? When you pull a revenue generating asset off the job for maintenance or repair you’re interested in two things; getting the work done right and getting it done fast. At Downtown Autobody in Rohnert Park we can satisfy both those requirements particularly if there is truck painting involved.

Truck Paint BoothOur body shop already has an excellent reputation among the driving public who needed work done on their automobile, SUV or pickup and those same skilled welders and technicians are ready to take on your commercial truck.

Our shop is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment including the Kansas Jack World Rack 400L; a top of the line frame straightening system and the Chief Genesis 2 laser measuring system that allows us to “see” the “un-seeable” damage to a truck’s frame. The repairs are done right the first time and we will have your truck back in service as quickly as possible.

Commercial Truck Painting Service

What makes painting a commercial truck different from painting an automobile? The answer for most Sonoma County auto body shops is size. Paint booths for automobiles and light trucks are significantly smaller than what is required for most commercial vehicles. The body shops that do offer painting service for commercial trucks typically partition off a section of the shop floor to ceiling and install state required ventilation.

At Downtown Autobody we have a dedicated paint room specifically designed for commercial trucks. We can accommodate box trucks, step vans, tow trucks, crew trucks…if it’s legal to operate on the road we can fit it into the truck paint room.

We use the same eco-friendly Spies Hecker Waterborne Paint System and Computerized Color Matching System as in our auto painting booth. The room itself is cross ventilated which means a cleaner air filtering capability and minimal overspray providing a cleaner, crisper paint finish.

But our secret weapon is that the room is heated allowing us to “bake” your commercial truck which yields a more lustrous finish but also cuts the drying time, sometimes by days, of an unheated paint room.

Done right and done quickly. Isn’t that what you were looking for?

Reimaging Service for Used Commercial Trucks

If you acquire a commercial truck from another business you will obviously want to replace that company’s painted name, logo and contact information with your own. Our expert painters can replace just the affected areas with a perfect color match or you can opt for a complete paint job in your company colors.

If you have a commercial truck that is in need of body work or a paint job, give us a call today for a quote. We’ll come out to your location for a complimentary mobile estimate. If you have multiple vehicles make sure you inquire about our generous fleet discount.

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