Know Your Rights

Knowing your rights as a customer for both auto body repair and insurance is an important part of ensuring that your vehicle, your wallet, and most importantly, your family are kept safe.

Get a Report

In the event of any accident, it is always in your best interest to make a report with a police department. Without a police report, your insurance company may not pursue the claim against the other driver and you may leave yourself vulnerable to a courtroom situation. Even if the other party involved in the accident asks that you don’t call the police and offers to pay for the damages, it is still advised that you get a police report.

Choose Your Own Place

While your insurance company may pick up the tab on your auto body repair bill, they are not allowed to tell you where you must take your vehicle for that repair. It is your right to choose the repair shop that you feel will meet your needs.

Get the Job Done Right

Should your insurance company deny approval on a certain repair, you can challenge their decision. Your body shop should work with your insurance company to clearly describe how the damage is related to the accident and how it is necessary to be repaired.

Double-check the Repair

In the event you have your vehicle repaired and you do not feel that it was done properly, it is your right to have a third party evaluate the repairs. If it is determined that the initial repairs were not done correctly, the repair facility may be required to pay for the third party evaluation and repair your vehicle the right way.

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